Corporate Governance in Malaysia- the way forward - A seminar incorporating the New Co. Act 2016 and Corporate Governance guidelines.

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7 - 8 Nov - Kuala Lumpur


Securities Commission (SC) recently launched the new Code of Corporate Governance 2016, which contains sets of best practices to strengthen corporate culture with emphasis on accountability and transparency.

In fact, the new Code of Corporate Governance is said to place greater importance on the internalization of corporate governance culture among listed companies and non-listed entities. In the case of the latter, it also includes state-owned enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises, licensed intermediaries and many more.

This training seeks to provide knowledge and information to on Corporate Governance in general, listing requirements relating to Corporate Governance, changes in Companies Act 2016 linked to this topic, in addition to the requirements as contained in the new Code of Corporate Governance 2016. It is essential that businesses are aware of the benefits of good Corporate Governance that entails to businesses, and yet be aware of the compliance requirements.

Day 1 - Corporate Governance - How to improve performance and management of businesses

Day 2 - Companies Act 2016 -Effects of Companies Act 2016 on Business

Both workshops are independent and you can choose to attend both days or only one day (either or)

Introduction to Companies Act 2016:

Companies Bill 2015 (Bill) was tabled for first reading in November 2015 and second reading in March 2016. It was finally passed in Parliament on 4 April 2016.

The Bill received Royal Assent on 31 August 2016 and was subsequently gazetted as the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016) on 15 September 2016. Certainly, there are wide ranging changes that affect many stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, directors, business owners, administrators, SME accountants and anyone else interested to learn more.

This training seeks to provide knowledge and information to some of the changes and effects, given the Companies Act 2016, as it is essential that business owners, accountants, auditors and other professionals need to be aware of the new developments and requirements so as to be in a position to make the necessary preparations and implement the new requirements appropriately.

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Learning Outcomes for Day 1

  • Explain the main features of Corporate Governance in general
  • Understand the features of the new Corporate Governance code
  • Understand the key changes in the new Corporate Governance Code
  • Explain the requirements on listed firm, its Board and Committees, top management, company secretary, internal and external auditors
  • Make the necessary preparations and decisions to apply the principles and practices of good Corporate Governance
  • Make appropriate disclosures in the annual reports

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Course Outline for DAY 1 - Corporate Governance

For the Course Outline for Day 2 - New Companies Act, please click here
Module 1: Introduction
    • Definition of Corporate Governance
    • Basis of Corporate Governance
    • Importance of Corporate
    • Governance in a firm Corporate Governance vs Corporate Management
Module 2: Background and development of Corporate Governance
    • Background and development of Corporate Governance in Malaysia
    • MCCG 2000
    • MCCG 2007
    • MCCG 2012
    • MCCG 2016
Module 3: MCCG 2016
    • Salient features
    • Apply or explain
    • Principle A: Supporting Board Leadership and Effectiveness
    • Principle B: Safeguarding the Integrity of Financial and Corporate Reporting
    • Principle C: Managing Risks to Preserve and Create Value
    • Principle D: Strengthening Relationship with Shareholders Impact on:
      - Directors
      - Management
      - Auditors
Module 4: Listing Requirements – Chapter 15: Corporate Governance
    • Chapter 15 requirements
    • Directors
    • Nominating committee
    • Audit committee
    • Reporting of breaches to Bursa Malaysia
    • Auditors
    • Internal audit
Module 5: Risk Management and Internal Control
    • Elements of a sound risk management and internal control system
    • Roles and responsibilities for risk management and internal control
    • The process for reviewing effectiveness of the system of risk management and internal control
    • Board’s statement on risk management and internal control
Module 6: Companies Act 2016
    • Duties and responsibilities of Directors
    • Duties and responsibilities of Secretaries
    • Financial statements and internal control
    • Duties of auditors
    • General offences
      - False and misleading statements
      - False reports
      - False report or statement to Registrar
      - Fraudulently inducing persons to invest money
      - Fraud by officer
    • Any other provisions
Module 7: Miscellaneous
    • Documentation on implementation of principles & practices
    • General disclosures
    • Disclosure in annual reports of listed issuers

Workshop Methodology

Intuitive & enthusiastic classroom-style workshop with PowerPoint presentations, active/ proactive sessions, real case study with illustrations, and Q&A session

Who Should Attend

    • Directors
    • CEO
    • CFO
    • Company Secretary
    • Compliance officers
    • Senior Accountants
    • Investment relations officer
    • Other staff involved in corporate governance, new companies act, and compliance or need to know more about these topics including Accounts Executives, Auditors,Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, SMEs, Administrators and all who needs to learn more about this topic

About the Trainer

Mr. Ng K.K. is a Chartered Accountant and has more than twenty years of auditing, accounting and company secretarial experience across various industries. Previously, he worked with one of the international accounting firms in the audit and advisory services and covered industries like agriculture, manufacturing, trading, marketing, banking and finance, and construction. He has served as a director and company secretary to several family related firms. Mr. Ng is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), UK.

At MIA, he is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). He also serves as a Council Member, and a member of several committees of MIA such as the Financial Reporting Standards Implementation Committee (FRSIC), Financial Statements Review Committee (FSRC), Public Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee and Monitoring Committee. He also previously served on the SSM Committee that looked at regulatory matters such as Companies Bill 2013 / 2015 and Companies Act 2016.
Furthermore, he is a member of ACCA’s Global Forum – Corporate Reporting, a group of members from around the world that looks at corporate reporting issues. Previously, he served as member of ACCA Malaysia’s Technical Committee.

He is also an adjudicator of the National Annual Corporate Reports Awards (NACRA) that is organized by Bursa Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountants and Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Workshop Details

Date: 7 - 8 November (Tue- Wed)
Day 1: Corporate Governance
Day 2: New Companies Act
You can opt to attend both days or only one day
Time: 9AM-6PM
Venue: Qliq Damansara (Venue subject to change)

    Seminar fee:
    1. Official fee: RM1480 (inclusive of 6% GST) for both days. If any one day - Only RM780
    2. Early bird offer before 17 Oct - ONLY RM1080 for both days. If any one day - Only RM580
    3. Early bird offer before 27 Oct - ONLY RM1180 for both days. If any one day - Only RM680
    4. IPA/ICIA/ACCCM members - only RM900 for both days. If any one day - Only RM480 (not applicable for group rates)
    5. Corporate group rates (from same company):
      -Group of 3 - 3rd person pays 50%
      -Group of 4 - 4th person free
    6. Participants will get 16 CPD points. All fees inclusive of GST

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