2-day workshop
Interactive Web Writing for New Media

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23 - 24 Oct 2018


In an ever increasing competitive environment, customer satisfaction is no longer just about the product offering. Savvy online customers demand quality customer support via social media or other online channels which has direct impact on brand image, conversion, sales and customer loyalty.

Clients turn to online and social media channels to seek help with transactions like placing orders, setting up, fixing or replacing a product, or addressing an enquire. Customer service agents can help build relationships with customer and turn them into satisfied customers.

The Challenge:

Writing on social media and web live chat is different from responding to customers using traditional channels like phone and email. Customers expect quick, short and to the point answers.

Often times, clients are emotional and want quick fixes. For those whose first language is not English, this is extremely challenging especially when anything written is public, easily shareable and you are often not given a lot of space to communicate your thoughts. Think Twitter and you wonder how you can help solve an issue in 140 characters!

What You will Learn

This essential training workshop aims to help customer service professionals write great social media responses (live chats, reply to comments and social media posts). By participating in this workshop (lecture, video, discussion and exercises), you'll be on your way to becoming a great social media customer service agent using interactive business writing.

Course Content/Outline

Module 1 – How Business Writing for New Media is Different
  • New and evolving channels with different characteristics
  • Conversations are not always one to one
  • They are public and can be easily shared
  • Customers expects quick turnaround time
  • You have very limited space to fit in your communication
  • Module 2 – Responses Required
  • Trends In client expectations
  • “Listening” to their text messages
  • Acknowledging and addressing issues using the correct verbs
  • Ask on point and questions to find out issues
  • Avoid jargons, use clear and simple words instead
  • Group Activities: A list of 30 common simple and clear words instead of jargons
  • Sample short sentence structure to rephrase and confirm correct understanding
  • Sample short sentence structure to describe your actions as customer waits online for fixes
  • Module 3 – Using the Right “Tone of Voice”
  • Adhere to your brand voice on social media channels
  • What is that and how does that sound like?
  • Examples of web writing that is personable yet professional
  • Short texts that show sincerity and empathy
  • Appropriate use of emoticons and emojis
  • How many is too many
  • When to use
  • When it confuses more than help
  • Module 4 – Supporting Customers with Sales/Transactional Intent
  • Find out what customers want help with (not all are here to complain)
  • Use precise words and simple questions
  • Sample sentence structures to ask open ended and closed questions
  • Restate the customer’s point to clarify as many details as possible
  • 2 ways to explain clearly on social media with limited character space
  • Use only acceptable and clear abbreviations
  • Use sparingly and be consistent
  • Spelling and acceptable abbreviation of terms used
  • On hashtags and ampersands signs
  • Module 5 – Because New Media Conversations are Public
  • Know when to move public complain to private channels (DM/PM)
  • Learn how to do that skillfully
  • Know why to move the conversations back to public
  • And when to do that
  • Know when and how to handle channel pivot tactfully
  • Module 6 – Canned Responses and Free Writing
  • Prepare canned responses
  • Greeting
  • Acknowledgement
  • Empathy
  • Apology
  • Pause
  • Satisfaction
  • And closing statements
  • How to customizable canned response with a human touch
  • And in-the-moment free writing that shows sincerity to help
  • Activities on preparing canned responses
  • Activities on customization of canned responses
  • Module 7 – Responding to Rude Customers (and Onlookers)
  • How to check fictions against facts (it’s not personal)
  • Sentence structures that politely remind them to be civil with their language
  • Sentence structures that refer them to your company’s social media policy
  • Focus your writing on addressing issues
  • Short but helpful text messages that customers would appreciate
  • Sentence structures to inform customer you are escalating the issue
  • Module 8 – Grammar and Punctuation
  • Sentence structures to state facts
  • Countable and uncountable nouns
  • A list of the most commonly used uncountable nouns
  • 10 rules of spelling the plural form of nouns
  • Capitalizations on social media is not welcomed
  • Tricky Apostrophes
  • US or UK English? But not Manglish
  • Use of online tools for real time help with grammar and spelling
  • Who Should Attend

    This program is suitable for online sales professionals, social media managers, customer relationship professionals, support staff, and independent entrepreneurs.

    Trainer's Profile

    Louisa Chan is Certified Online Content Marketer and an experienced international Trainer in the Digital Marketing space. Her custom-designed training spans across Malaysia, Dubai, and the Maldives.

    She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in MIS) from McGill University, Canada, and a Masters in Education from Sheffield University, the UK besides being a professionally trained Coach.
    Certified as a Project Management Professionals in 2008 from the Project Management Institute in the US, Louisa worked with MNCs in various countries having been based in Singapore, China, Bangkok, Sydney and Hong Kong.

    Louisa has the unique combination of subject matter knowledge, hands-on expertise as well as the skill in designing and delivering the training. Both her online training products as well as her in-person training are said to be informative, engaging, easy to understand and very practical.

    Her public training workshops consistently receive raving reviews from delegates. Her clients include: Gribbles, Zuellig, IRIS Corp, Public Mutual CWA agents, USM, UKM, UPNM, UPM, Coway, MyCEB, Johnson Controls, Times Publishing, Hallmark, Hai-O Group, DoubleTree, Straits Trading Organization (Maldives), Sogo, Celcom, Spritzer, Timberland, Johnsons Control, Loreal, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches and others.

    Louisa speaks fluent English and Mandarin and has been featured on RTM1, RTM2 as well as interviewed on Sin Chew Daily, and the Feminine Magazine. BFM, the business radio channel in Malaysia has done a series of interviews with Louisa on the topic of Content Marketing. Her online Business Building Training courses were accredited by the Australian National Educational Council for AAMT members.

    Workshop Details

    Date: 23 - 24 Oct 2018
    Time: 9.30AM-5.30PM
    Venue: Qliq Damansara (Venue subjected to change)

      Seminar fee:
      1. Official  fee: RM2,480
      2. Early bird offer for registrations received one month before date - ONLY RM1,980
      3. Early bird offer for registrations received two weeks before date - ONLY RM2,180

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