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2-day Workshop in Kuala Lumpur
10 - 11 Oct 2018
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“Stand, Speak & Inspire” is a powerful program using Accelerated Learning methods that will enhance your presentation skills in a very short time. Remember: “All the things you have to say remain unsaid or unimpressive if you cannot speak up with confidence & inspire!”

Did You Know That...

Many executives, when called upon to present an idea, a recommendation, a proposal or just to stand up and communicate, FAIL to do justice to the substance they have. Their personal competencies are undermined by their inability to stand up & speak with confidence.

People judge us by the way we speak not only by the content of our presentation. If we can’t tell it, we can’t sell it! Whether or not we are in sales or conducting a training session, we all have to sell ... if not our products, then our ideas, our organizations and ourselves! No matter what our business, we need to speak - if not from the podium to several hundred, then at a meeting or conversing one on one. How well we communicate to get our message across, to convince and to persuade will determine the level of our success.

The years of developing technical knowledge, skills and expertise mean that almost no effort has been given to studying how to communicate them effectively. The purpose of this program, therefore, is to help executive of all levels to develop more effective presentation skills. This is especially important for those who are required to conduct training workshop for their internal staffs as well as to stake holders of the organization.

“Stand, Speak & InspireTM” is a powerful program using Accelerated Learning methods that will enhance your presentation skills in a very short time. Remember: “All the things you have to say remain unsaid or unimpressive if you cannot speak up with confidence & inspire!

“Gain the necessary ingredients to stand and speak with confidence. Be inspired and you can inspire others! Learn these 5 proven steps to delivering a Powerful can achieve this sooner than you think!”

Why You Should Attend
(Learning Objectives)

By the end of these two exciting days you will note the changes in yourselves - as will your colleagues. You will know where you stand. What your strengths are and your weaknesses. You will learn how to eliminate your weaknesses and improve upon your strengths. This alone will help provide the necessary ingredients to speak up with confidence and sooner than you think!

We are confident that all participants will improve their speaking and communication skills tremendously; and after the training, participants will be able to:
    • Design an effective presentation which is clear, concise & convincing that enhances the logical flow of your presentation
    • Deliver a persuasive presentation with clarity & focused that will motivate your audience to take action & receive the buy-in that you desire
    • Speak confidently with appropriate rate, projection, movement & vocal variety
    • Manage nervousness & develop confidence in front of an audience
    • Evaluate & critique speeches insightfully

What is Learned

  • Responsibilities of a good presenter
  • The characters of a competent presenter
  • How to develop a well designed message & a polished delivery skills
  • P.R.O.M.I.S.E. - 5 simple steps to delivering powerful presentation
  • Establishing the Purpose & Reason of your presentation
  • Presentation Planning Worksheet
  • The 4 secrets in rehearsing for your presentation
  • Understand the power of Opening to capture audience attention
  • The secrets of creating a great first 3 minutes to connect with the audience
  • The How, When & Why of using icebreakers!
  • Avoiding the 6 sure ways that destroy your Opening
  • Choosing the right Must Include in your presentation
  • The secrets of developing presentation Structure
  • Understanding what is Macro Structure
  • The effectiveness of Micro Structure
    - S.R.E.S. structure
    - P.E.R.F.E.C.T. structure
  • The importance of transition
  • Practice Session 1
    Participants are to present a 3 min speech of the “Introduction”. The “Introduction” is the opening of the presentation as covered in Module 3 & should be design to give an idea of what the presenter plan to accomplish in the body section.
  • Understanding extemporaneous speaking & its advantages
  • Delivering your message with Spice!
  • Understanding the importance of the 3 levels of communicating feeling
  • How to use your voice powerfully
  • The importance of nonverbal communication
  • Using humour in your presentation
  • Secret steps for going from nervous to natural
  • Tips & strategies to reduce speech anxiety
  • Secrets of staying calm before & during presentation
  • How to handle questions effectively
  • L.A.R.E.R.?. - 6 simple steps to answering question professionally
  • Addressing challenging situations
  • End your presentation with a Big Bang!
  • “Tell Them What You Have Already Told Them” -Summarise before the close
  • Choosing an effective conclusion
  • Avoiding the 5 sure ways that destroy your Closing
  • Practice Session 2
    Participants are to present a 7 min speech of which the first 5 minutes is to demonstrate the use of structure in delivering the content of their presentation as covered in Module 4. The remaining 2 minutes is to demonstrate participants’ skills in handling questions during a typical Q & A session as covered in Module 7.


    The Stand, Speak & InspireTM programme uses accelerated learning methods to speed up the learning process. As the focus is on skill training, the approach of the programme will be a practical one that employs the following:
  • Short lectures
  • Participants’ presentations will be video-recorded and played back for critique
  • Assignments, role-play and activities

    In ensuring that the participants benefit the most out from this programme, they are expected to prepare a 3 to 5 minutes presentation using MS PowerPoint slides prior to the commencement of the workshop. The time they spent in preparing the presentation materials will determine whether they will be able to maximize their learning and develop the skill they desired which will add great value to their career when they get back to the real world.

    Due to time constraints, there will be NO TIME allocated to them in the workshop to do their preparation work. As such, a pre-workshop briefing session mey be necessary to ensure that they are well prepared prior to attending this workshop.

    Trainer's Profile

    Robert Leong has more than 15 years experience in the training and development industry, having served & worked with organizations and institutions in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia since 1999.

    Prior to his calling as a professional speaker, his career has included senior positions with managerial responsibilities in private companies in Malaysia and Singapore with more than 20 years of regional business experience in sales management consultancies. He was a Senior Director and Chief Executive Officer of several IT companies.

    His teaching methods, techniques and the skills he possesses are gleaned from personal experience through the years as a public speaker. He has the unique ability to reduce a seemingly complex issue into a series of easy to follow steps on how to adapt to every scenario in today’s business & corporate world which he demonstrated it during his career as a professional speaker.

    He is well accepted by his clientele from both the private sector & government linked companies (GLC) which includes some of the more reputable names such as ALSTOM Power Asia Pacific, Avery Dennison Materials, Bauer Equipment Malaysia, Century Automotive Products, Dunlopillo Malaysia, KDU Smart School, Lanson Place Residence Hotel, LG Electronics, Malayan Steel Works, Malaysia Debt Ventures, MAS Academy, MIMOS, Nestle Products, NSK Bearings Malaysia, UCSI Education, Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia & Telekom Smart School.

    He is a Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore) graduates in Electronics Engineering from the School of French-Singapore Institute and holds a professional qualification in Marketing Management (GDMM) from the Singapore Institute of Management.

    Workshop Details

    Date: 10 - 11 Oct 2018
    Time: 9.30AM-5.30PM
    Venue: Qliq Damansara (Venue subjected to change)

      Seminar fee:
      1. Official  fee: RM2,280
      2. Early bird offer for registrations received one month before event's date- ONLY RM1,680
      3. Early bird offer for registrations received two weeks before event's date - ONLY RM1,980

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    This programme can be conducted as in-company training programme, customised to meet your company training needs or companies can send their staff to attend our public workshops ( Other training programmes by same trainer: -Art of Influencing & Negotiation Skills -Relationship Approach To Selling -Improving Sales Effectiveness with Versatility

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