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2-day workshop Visual Content Marketing
(For Immediate Use)

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13-14 Nov 2018

Did You Know That...

It is predicted that 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be due to videos by 2019.

The shift to mobile and a shorter attention span means brands need to capture clients’ attention in a much shorter time with a much smaller screen.

The need for communicating clear and attractive messages in a short time for client awarenss, engagement and conversion calls for marketing that is easy to understand and one that leaves an impression.

Enter visual marketing. It can be used at every phase of the buyers’ journey to influence client decision making.


This practical and highly interactive two-day course is designed to help you understand conditions under which visual marketing thrive, whether you are using it for brand awareness, client engagemnt or conversion. 

You’ll learn how still images, animated or real-time live streaming videos work when used on social media sites in conjuction with content marketing. You’ll see why visual story-telling can greatly improve content reach and engagement.

Led by Louisa Chan, a certified Content Marketer and Master Trainer with years of online marketing and training experience, participants will find a useful, informative and engaging training with case studies discussions as well as hands-on activities.

By the end of this highly relevant course, you will have considered various strategies for using visual marketing so you can run more effective content marketing promotions and campaigns. Participants will also learn the tools and techniques that can be used to create and promote the various types of visuals used for visual story-telling marketing.

Additional coaching and masterminding is availble for those who requires a more customezied approach for their unique situation. Contact sales for more details on the add-on coaching session.

Why You Should Attend (Learning Objectives)

  • Know how to use online visuals legally
  • Be introduced to the different types of online visuals and know when to use them
  • Use digital visual story-telling to convey compelling brand
  • Understand how visuals help social media and content marketing
  • Course Content/Outline

    Introduction (Trends)
  • What is online visual marketing?
  • Visual marketing trends for 2018
  • Importance of working within audio and visual legal framework
  • Why Visual Marketing
  • Visuals in social-media and content marketing including:

    ✔Reputation Management
    ✔Building Trust and Authority

  • What research says about them engaging people in this age
  • Can be mostly free
  • 4 Different kinds of Online Visuals
  • Occasions that warrant the different kinds of visuals
  • Which types of visuals attract your ideal clients?
  • The different features of popular platforms
  • 4 elements of attractive visuals (besides using colors)
  • Video, a changing landscape
  • 2 other effective platforms besides YouTube
  • one suits your purpose?
  • Case foe Mobile Video Marketing
  • Pre-Production (Planning)
  • Purpose of Content
  • The 5 stages of your buyer’s journey
  • Profiling Target Audience
  • Strategy options
    ✔4 Types of video objectives (beside authority building)
    ✔5 Types of video production (besides talking heads)
    ✔Live Streaming or On-Demand?
    ✔Free, Gated or Paid?
    ✔Series or an-hour long webinar?
    ✔Story-line that attracts attention

  • Tools and gadgets on budget
  • Alternatives to using video cameras
  • Getting your Crew
  • Location and Occasion
  • Activity: working out your specific plan
  • Shooting Videos (Execution)
  • Audio tips for recording and storing
  • Lighting tips
  • B Rolls ideas
  • Perfection or Authentic?
  • Backup plans for Resource (batteries and crew)
  • Storage options Activity: Let’s shoot

  • Post-Production
  • Editing tools and tips
  • Native or Embeds?
  • Streaming or On-Demand?
  • Auto-Play and Muted or Manual with Sound?
  • Distribution Channels to consider
  • Why Editorial Calendar
  • Repurposing of videos
  • Evaluation and Measurement
  • Case studies
  • Hands-on: using native videos on Facebook
  • Creating your video
  • 3 ways of using the video on Facebook Page
  • Thumbnails, geo-tagging
  • Importance of captions with auto-play
  • Pinning videos on Pages
  • Adding native call-to-action
  • Scheduling videos
  • Targeting audience for online promotion
  • Activity: light edit for distribution to test response from audience
  • Debriefing
  • Sharing: What works for you? What can work better?
  • Questions?
  • Next Step – More in-depth course on video or visual marketing?
  • Who Should Attend

    Section or Department Head, Social Media Team, Digital Marketing Team, Solo-Preneurs, Blogger, Speakers, Trainers, Authors and anyone keen to know more about Visual Content Marketing, including:
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Content Marketing Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Creators
  • Writers
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Methodology

  • Presentation
  • Online demonstration
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Participants hands-on
  • Group activities
  • Trainer's Profile

    Louisa Chan is Certified Online Content Marketer and an experienced international Trainer in the Digital Marketing space. Her custom-designed training spans across Malaysia, Dubai, and the Maldives.

    She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in MIS) from McGill University, Canada, and a Masters in Education from Sheffield University, the UK besides being a professionally trained Coach.
    Certified as a Project Management Professionals in 2008 from the Project Management Institute in the US, Louisa worked with MNCs in various countries having been based in Singapore, China, Bangkok, Sydney and Hong Kong.

    Louisa has found LinkedIn to be an extremely helpful networking and search tool that has helped provided opportunities for interviews, guest blogging, training opportunities, coaching clients and speaking engagements.

    Louisa has the unique combination of subject matter knowledge, hands-on expertise as well as the skill in designing and delivering the training. Both her online training products as well as her in-person training are said to be informative, engaging, easy to understand and very practical.

    Her public training workshops consistently receive raving reviews from delegates. Her clients include: Gribbles, Zuellig, IRIS Corp, Public Mutual CWA agents, USM, UKM, UPNM, UPM, Coway, MyCEB, Johnson Controls, Times Publishing, Hallmark, Hai-O Group, DoubleTree, Straits Trading Organization (Maldives), Sogo, Celcom, Spritzer, Timberland, Johnsons Control, Loreal, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches and others.

    Louisa speaks fluent English and Mandarin and has been featured on RTM1, RTM2 as well as interviewed on Sin Chew Daily, and the Feminine Magazine. BFM, the business radio channel in Malaysia has done a series of interviews with Louisa on the topic of Content Marketing. Her online Business Building Training courses were accredited by the Australian National Educational Council for AAMT members.

    Workshop Details

    Date: 13-14 Nov 2018
    Time: 9.30AM-5.30PM
    Venue: Qliq Damansara (Venue subjected to change)

      Seminar fee:
      1. Official  fee: RM2,480
      2. Early bird offer for registrations received 1 month before event's date - ONLY RM1,980
      3. Early bird offer for registrations received 2 weeks before event's date - ONLY RM2,180
      4. SPECIAL BUNDLING OFFER-(B1) Enrol for 2 workshops save additional 10%* - (B2) Enrol for 3 workshops save additional 15%*

      5. * Bundling offer for only other workshops in the DM series and must be utilised within a year, by the same participant.

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