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This is a certification programme that is highly practical for those who wish to up-skill, re-skill or enhance their career in the evolving digital marketing space. A must programme for those in business, whether business owners or manager/executives handling the business marketing for their companies. Business owners, middle management and executives need to equip themselves with such skills and knowledge regardless if they implement the strategies directly or outsource eventually.

With digital marketing going mainstream, many who are familiar with traditional marketing approaches have tried exploring digital marketing using campaigns in a piecemeal fashion, often not aware of the pitfalls and changing digital landscape, technology and even client buying behaviour.

Relying on agencies and outsources is a temporal measure. Without having the essential knowledge of how digital marketing works, managers of digital marketing and social media department are often unsure of how to steer the efforts and may be setting unimportant or unrealistic KPIs.

Without knowing the essentials of digital marketing, corporations may be just running isolated campaigns of mimic run early adopters / competitors without knowing the underlying reasons or results sought after. Often, management is unable to set guidelines for agencies and outsourcers and are at their mercies.

The rise of Social Media and the importance of being connected to your customers via Social Media makes it necessary for organisations to be available online, whether on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or simply by having a website that is optimised for Search Engine online.

Customers today rely more and more on internet or social media to search for information, to make online purchases or to find suppliers for their needs. Organisations cannot afford NOT to be online and thus the need to at the very least understand how Digital Marketing works.

As such, can any corporations afford NOT to be online, NOT be seen or found online? At the very minimum, corporations need to have an online presence even though they may not be able to provide online transactions. Whether it is only a website or a social media presence or a fully automated ecommerce site, corporations must understand the fundamentals and strategies of using the internet and social media for their branding, marketing and promotions.

Having the IPMA UK, Certificate in Digital Marketing Essentials (CDME), a working professional certificate in Digital Marketing with an established certifying body and quality proven contents & system, ensures that corporations are able to tap the digital space effectively, avoiding costly mistakes.

Corporations who have trained employees will achieve higher conversions in less time and less budget. Plus, they will be going with the trend and not be left behind.

With this programme, corporations can now train their Middle Managers, Senior Executives or Department Heads in understanding how Digital Marketing strategies work and regardless if the plans are eventually outsourced to agencies or implemented internally, they need to have the fundamental essential knowledge, basic skills and ability to plan strategically for the company, leveraging on digital marketing strategies and tools.

How to be certified?

To be certified, applicants need to complete the 3 phases below before submitting an application for certification.
Phase 1 - Compulsory workshop Training
Participants are required to attend a 2 days compulsory workshop training - Digital Marketing Essentials Workshop before they can proceed to phase 2.

Phase 2 - Practical Training Workshop
Select 1 or 2 tracks from the optional tracks below up to maximum of 2 training days per pax to obtain certification.

Objective of the practical workshops and the different tracks available is for the participants to select the track relevant to the project related to their work in the office.

They will then be able to practice and learn specific and relevant tools and skills to apply for their digital marketing projects.
Phase 3 - Project assisgnment / assessment
Participants need to complete one live or mock project based on the selected track/s and a Coach will be assigned to provide up to 2 coaching sessions before submission of the project assignment. Coaching can be online/email or face-2-face and can be individual or as a group.

Submission of the project assignment is mandatory for assessment and certification – this is to demonstrate your understanding of what you have learned and to apply the skills learned.

Passing of this assessment is mandatory for the certification.


    1. Certificates of Attendance will be awarded for the completion of the 3 phases

    2. Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to confer to successful candidates after successful assessment. The certificate will carry the words the candidate have completed all the assessments required and in hereby conferred the certification of Digital Marketing Essentials.

Certifying Body

    1. The seminars and assessments will be conducted by EventsMastery Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.

    2. The Certification will be awarded by Institute of IPMA UK, jointly with EventsMastery Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. The International Professional Managers Association is an International Examining, Licensing and Regulatory Professional body formed for the purpose of providing practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration. http://www.ipma.co.uk

Workshop Details

Next intake – Sept 2018

Phase 1- Digital Marketing Essentials- 21-22 Sept 2018
Phase 2 - Practical Training Workshop - Select 1 or 2 tracks from the optional tracks below up to maximum of 2 training days per pax to obtain certification.

Phase 3 - Project assignment / assessment

Seminar fee:
Official fee: RM8500 (inclusive IPA Certificate)
Early bird offer one month before event date - ONLY RM7,800

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Certification by IPMA UK (International Professional Managers Association, UK)


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