7 reasons why you would want to attend this workshop

  1. Learn 1st hand from the professionals who have done it and made it! You don’t need to make the same mistakes by learning from others
  2. A systematic approach to being the Master of Ceremonies, leaving no rooms for errors when it comes to preparation and on-site performance. Leave with system and documents to get you started as the MC.
  3. A dynamic learning environment to practise and get constructive criticism for better performance. Live simulated mock-up for more effective learning. Get evaluated on the spot!
  4. You will learn not just the skills of being a professional MC but also how to manage on-site crisis and how to work with 3rd parties to ensure a successful event.
  5. Learn not just from us but from our guest speakers who are experts in their respective field. We will have guest speakers to share on their experience as MC and also on other areas of events that can have an impact on your performance as the MC
  6. Opportunities to learn or practise at live events and to upgrade yourself professionally as a Certified Professional Master of Ceremonies in future
  7. Be a part of a community of MCs and Event Managers for sharing and learning. YOu will have access to our resources and coaches to ask for help when needed!

Programme outline & Methodology

This interactive training session is conducted over a 2-day session whereby it is divided into 5 sections.



A highly interactive and participative workshop that will help to bring out the hidden talents and skills of yours, to be as good as a professional MC.  You will be pushed beyond your limit and to show what you are really capable of.  Besides the classroom learning, you will have to present and perform live individually as well as in a team with practical assignments and live mock-up sessions. You will be recorded and what better way to learn other than to gain all the valuable criticism on your performance in an internal dynamic learning environment from the pool of professional trainers, facilitators and fellow coursemates. It will be fun, dynamic and we can ensure you that effective learning will take place.

Who should attend

    • Staff who often have to emcee own company events
    • All those who want to know how to emcee professionally
    • All those who aspire to be professional MC

What you will get

    • You will get 1st-hand knowledge from experienced practitioners who are professional MCs in their field
    • A systematic approach to being an effective MC with proven system consisting of templates and checklist
    • You will be given a copy of the recordings done on your presentation assignment at the workshop for future review
    • ]You get to practise what you learned on the spot and be evaluated.
    • Learn not just from our trainers but also from our guest speakers who are experts in their field.
    • Post-event email coaching (3 months) - You can continue to ask even after the workshop, especially when you go live!
    • Online community of MCs & event managers with forum, blogs, and on-going articles of interest, for sharing and networking
    • We can provide you with live on-the-job training opportunities with our on-going events, if required.
    • You will get the Certificate in Attendace to show that you have attended this course.
    • Possible option to get a UK-based professional certification as “Certifed Professional Master of Ceremonies” provided by International Professional Managers Association, IPMA, UK.

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